Six Summer Saturdays 2012 @brumhippodrome

Kicking off this weekend Six Summer Saturdays in back and, as with each passing year, seems to get better and better. The summer events surprise, shock and above all do a great job in putting smiles on the faces of unsuspecting Brummie shoppers as performers pop up in unusual places to entertain the crowds. Here’s a list of what to expect…


Zoe’s Magic Camera
Various Locations across the City Centre
(Commissioned by Birmingham Hippodrome, created in partnership with Smile and BCU)
Fire up your iphone and using the specially created app explore 6 iconic city centre locations whilst watching the augmented reality of a new world of animation including alien characters interacting with the buildings right in front of you!
Here a link to the app…

The Voyage Exhibition
The Hub – Mailbox
Opening Sat 7 July – Closing Sun 26 Aug, Thu – Sat, 12pm – 6pm
Following on from June’s spectacular performance of The Voyage in Victoria Square, 8 photographers and 10 film makers come together to present an exhibition documenting this extraordinary project.

Mailbox Steps – Rosie Kay Dance Company
The Mailbox Steps
Hourly performances, 4pm – 7.30pm
A special commission for Six Summer Saturdays and The Mailbox, a short dance sequence created by Internation Dance Festival Birmingham Choreographer, Rosie Kay exploring the architecture of the space.

Red Herring Productions – That’s the Way to Do It
The Arcadian
1pm, 3.30pm
An alternative take on Punch and Judy incorporating puppets, music and knockabout choreography which interacts with the public in an outrageous and enjoyable performance.

Birmingham International Jazz Festival: Roy Forbes Quartet
The Arcadian
4.30pm, 5.30pm
Roy Forbes has built a great reputation in the city over some years as well as appearing at London’s Jazz Cafe and The Stables, Wavendon.

Birmingham International Jazz Festival: Jazzband Velke Losiny
The Arcadian
2pm, 3pm
Originating from the Czech Republic in 2002, this group of incredible musicians were considered the highlight of the 2011 Jazz Festival – now they are back to reprise their crowd pleasing performance once again.

Never Too Old – Frolicked
The Mailbox/Arcadian
1.30pm, 4pm, 5pm
Grandma and Grandpa perform as roaming puppets on their worst behaviour in a performance that will delight and entertain with their antics and arguments.

The Sir Tom Jones Experience – Cocoloco
Birmingham Hippodrome Piazza
1.30pm, 4.30pm, 6.30pm
This portable karaoke experience will leave you panting – bring spare knickers to throw at Tom whilst you sing along!


Cheeky Sea Gulls – Big Rory & Co
Victoria Square/The Mailbox
12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 5pm
These giant cheeky seagulls will rummage in bags and pockets, steal food, squabble amongst themselves and generally cause a fuss with hilarious consequences.

Birmingham International Jazz Festival: Pat Giraud Trio
The Arcadian
1pm, 2.30pm
Pianist/Hammond Organist, Pat Giraud has had a full career spanning more than 40 years of playing Jazz since learning to play the accordion at the age of 9 and Piano at 15. He returns to Birmingham Jazz Festival following his acclaimed performance in 2010.

Birmingham Jazz Festival: Emanuele Fizzotti
The Arcadian
4pm, 5.30pm
One of Italy’s foremost blues/rock guitarists and also one of the most versatile, Emanuele Fizzzotti is known for his enormous range of abilities from rock, swing and R&B to re-recreating the music of Jimi Hendrix.

The Strong Lady Show
The Arcadian
1.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm
Brawn is no ordinary lady – she is known as the strongest lady alive! Marvel as Betty Brawn presents an exhilarating array of feats of strength as she tears thick romantic novels, twists solid metal and snaps steel chains.

Identi-Tea – Dans La Poche
Birmingham Hippodrome Piazza
1.30pm, 4pm, 6.30pm
Enjoy a refreshing cup of Oolong served in the traditional manner as Gracie entertains you with stories of transformation from both east and west.

PIG – Whally Range All Stars
Chamberlain Square
1pm – 6pm
PIG is a 30’ long sleeping sow in a pen; see her snuffles and hear her snores. Audience members are invited by a farm-hand to act like pigs and take a peek at a show in the inside of her belly! Pig has been performed in 15 countries over 3 continents.

Imaginary Friends – Whally Range All Stars
The Mailbox/ Brindleyplace, Oozles Square
1pm, 4pm
10 performers, 10 life-size puppets and a series of surprises make their way through the streets in a choreographed and crazy performance using improvisation, singing, puppet manipulation and theatrical set pieces.

Life Boat – ICD
Brindleyplace, Oozles Square
12pm – 6pm
A 5 metre long Life Boat with four rib sections strung together with hammocks invites participants to partake in a transformative experience exploring migration, ethics, trade and sustainability.


The Sweet Smell of Success – Bureau of Silly Ideas
Chamberlain Square
12pm – 6pm
The Sweet Smell of Success’ scientists are travelling the country on an Olympic tour, following up on all the stories of success and collecting the chemical exuded by humans during their successful endeavours, to bottle and present as a tonic for national sporting teams.

The Hide – Tangled Feet
High Street
1pm – 5pm
Step inside the urban hide and watch the human’s use and explore their environment! This unique and interactive experience allows us to explore our love of watching other people; gazing out across the natural habitat of humans, Robin, a human expert, narrates their stories.

A Record Summer – Play More
Chamberlain Square
1pm, 3pm, 5pm
Come attempt to break some Olympic records with us! With the Olympics just around the corner, enjoy a day of creative outdoor activities that are suitable for people of all ages and ideal for children and families.

Greening the City – Mercurial Dance
Chamberlain Square
2pm, 4pm
Through the use of the BBC Live Site Screens, Greening the City connects two city centre squares. The performance brings together young people, flash mobs and even a silent disco!

The Luggage Porters – Curious Cargo
Birmingham Hippodrome Plaza, The Mailbox, Brindleyplace
1pm, 3pm, 5pm
Travel back to a time of monochrome and curiosity as these Silent Movie characters attempt to find their way to the railway station. Accompanied by a soundscape of steam trains; watch as these amusing characters navigate their way and explore the bizarre contents of their cargo.


The Reds – Natural Theatre Company
New Street, The Mailbox, Birmingham Hippodrome Piazza
1.45pm, 3.30pm, 6.45pm
Like a sculptural flash mob, these brightly coloured characters, painted entirely red, turn up in the most unusual of places! Often leaving the audience bemused, amused and more of than not, chatting amongst strangers, this incomparable happening will have you seeing red!

The Whale – Talking Birds
1 – 5pm
Enter the jaws of a giant silver whale for an unforgettable three minute adventure hosted by a lovesick submariner who proceeds to serenade you with his songs from the sea, you may even leave with a gift!

Hinterland – Mercurial Dance
Birmingham Hippodrome Plaza
1.30pm, 4.30pm
This stunningly physical dance piece leads the audience to an imaginary physical place where characters meet, play with danger and act out their imaginary world.

Turbo Jonez – Reckless Invention
High Street
2pm, 3.30pm
Turbo Jonez brings you the history of 80’s rap and break-dance told direct from the streets of Cardiff!

Sink Dancing – Lucid Incident
The Mailbox
1pm, 2pm, 3pm
Lucid productions are bringing tap dancing back to the streets! This unusual performance unfolds with unexpected twists, turns and time-stepping.

The Princess & The Maharajah – Nutkhut
New Street
1.30pm, 3pm, 4.30pm
Colourful and flamboyant long legged characters mix performance, dance, film participation and British comedic sensibility and eccentricity in an engaging and hilarious performance.


If Only I Could – Pippa Frith and Thomas Wildish
The Arcadian
12pm – 6pm
This participatory circus project specially commissioned for Six Summer Saturdays is born out of a series of workshops with members of the public. Workshops have led to a collaborative performance whereby the participants newly developed skills are woven into an exciting new piece of theatre alongside professional performers.

The Quiet Men – Being Frank Physical Theatre
The Mailbox
2pm, 4pm
Two men have aspirations to bring peace and love to the world whilst creating change for the betterment of mankind; their intentions are good but their methods are opposed. This physical performance is an entertaining exploration of two men exploring their ideology.

The Caravan Show – The Bone Ensemble
1pm – 5pm
The Caravan Show is an intimate, playful, participatory performance for all the family set in a small touring caravan featuring weird and wonderful happenings including aliens in the fridge, games in the cupboard and what’s that stirring in the sleeping bag!?

NoFit State Circus
The Arcadian/ The Mailbox
1-5pm/ 1pm, 3pm, 6.30pm
Following on from their fantastically successful appearance as part of last year’s Six Summer Saturdays, the circus is back in town with a performance that will leave audiences with their mouths wide.


Time for Tea – Wet Picnic
1.30pm, 3.30pm, 6pm
Tea Ladies sweep through the streets to supply an explosive and surreal teatime for everyone to enjoy with tantalising tea trollies, stiff upper lips and one big fat cow!

Poste de Resistance – Jilted Pig
The Mailbox
1pm, 3pm, 6.30pm
In a time of social change, two revolutionary postal workers have been forced underground in a bid to keep the magic of post alive. Audiences are invited to join them in their unexpected world in an inventive and interactive performance.

The Sir Tom Jones Experience – Cocoloco
Birmingham Hippodrome Piazza
2pm, 5pm, 6.30pm
This portable karaoke experience will leave you panting – bring spare knickers to throw at Tom whilst you sing along!

Gentlemen of the Road – The Chipolatas
The Arcadian
2pm, 4pm
Three actors/ musicians /clowns flow seamlessly together in a celebratory performance where circus meets theatre and live music is played.


The Best Thing – Cocoloco
Birmingham Hippodrome Piazza
1.30pm, 4.30pm, 7pm
In this exclusive one person audience show the participant is invited to experience ‘The Best Thing’- expect suprises, treats and the unknown!

Smashed – Gandini Juggling
Chamberlain Square
1pm, 3.30pm
Smashed is a theatre-dance-juggling piece by 9 highly accomplished performers from across Europe featuring precise juggling and theatre in one not-to-be-missed performance.

Gentlemen of the Road – The Chipolatas
Chamberlain Square
2.30pm, 4.30pm
Three actors/ musicians /clowns flow seamlessly together in a celebratory performance where circus meets theatre and live music is played.

Time for Tea – Wet Picnic
Chamberlain Square
12pm, 3pm, 5.15pm
Tea Ladies sweep through the streets to supply an explosive and surreal teatime for everyone to enjoy with tantalising tea trollies, stiff upper lips and one big fat cow!

Pest Control – Jilted Pig
Chamberlain Square
12.30pm, 4pm

Keep an eye on @brumhippodrome for updates.

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