Area Culture Guide December Issue

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Brummie Slang

It was only at university when I realised how strung (ahem, strong) my Black Country accent actually was. At the age of 19 i’d managed to go through my life (thanks to little travel opportunities and a staunchly working class council estate upbringing) not interacting with many people outside of the West Midlands. How was I supposed to know yow day all spake loike may?

So it was with fondness that the Brummie Slang popped on to our Twitter Stream (via a friend – thank you Chloe I) and gems like ‘Doss’, ‘Cob’, and ‘Mardy’ came flooding back – although other than ‘Doss’ (I don’t do that anymore since i’m in my thirties) I pretty much use ‘Cob’ and ‘Mardy’ (or Mardy Arse as I personally prefer) on a regular basis still. It might be Brummie but the Black Country cross-over is pretty much similar – bar a few additions; up the wooden hill anyone?

Anyway for the full list and to put a smile on your face go and take a look…

For Brummie / Black Country inspired tees (as pictured above) check out Bostin Brum.

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Peat Freaks – Tutored Whisky Tasting, 22/11/12

There is a small scene of increasingly female-led drinking events and experiences that have been popping up over the last 18 months and one is the Birmingham Whisky Club started by Amy Seaton. Rather than sit around waiting for something to happen Amy’s get up and do it yourself attitude, and love of whisky, gave her good enough reason to start a tasting club and help kick-start a whisky scene in Birmingham.  Continue reading

Simpsons & Purity dinner event – 28/11/12

Five specially-created gourmet dishes are being created by Andreas Antona, Head Chef and owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant Simpsons, to match the flavours and aromas of Purity’s award-winning beers and specialist imports. Continue reading