The Event

pigeons at the loft 1

Early November sees Birmingham’s Eastside transformed and taken over by 100 artists. The Event is the second contemporary arts festival organised by the Birmingham Contemporary Art Forum and features a number of artist led projects at a variety of spaces throughout Digbeth. Continue reading

Trademarking The Balti

Every country has its national cuisines, every city a speciality. However much Britain prides itself on its fry up breakfasts and Sunday roast dinners, times are a-changin’ and the curry has upped and settled in the stomach of every Birmingham local on a Friday night. Yes, we have stolen the national cuisine of India and now the city council of Birmingham are having the cheek to say no one else in Britain is allowed it. Well, not all of the curry menu, just the balti dish-so called after the flat bottomed wok it was first cooked in. Continue reading

Birmingham Film

Crew in Action

If you look at a map of the West Midlands you’ll notice we have our own Hollywood. The similarities of that and the hilly California district known as such are few and far between, but about five miles North from Hollywood, UK Digbeth’s Fullrange Productions are making a film they hope to prove Hollywood, CA is not the be all and end all of the film world. Continue reading