Tweave with Craftspace

This sounds like a fun project that has been commissioned by Craftspace; Over the last few weeks the creators of Tweave, Amy Houghton and Ed Holroyd, have been undertaking a ‘Craft Crawl’ where they have been visiting people’s places of making to make recordings to add to the Tweave map (pictured above). Continue reading

REVIEW: Let’s Wrestle, 23.7.11 Hare & Hounds

Cocky cockneys through and through, Let’s Wrestle take attitude to the next level, binding together the naughties indie scene of trend setters Franz Ferdinand with sixties garage rock. Their downtrodden appearance leaves no signs of conformity, with a clear indication of independence to those fashion followers. Continue reading

Ping Pong Events

You may have noticed lots of Ping Pong tables that have mysteriously appeared around Birmingham over the last few weeks and if you don’t know what it is all about then there is plenty of information about it here. The folks at Fierce are currently hosting the Ping Pong Parlour on Corporation Street in the city centre and have some cool events lined-up over the next few weeks… Continue reading

Things to do… Olympic Open Weekend

If you are looking for something to keep you occupied this weekend then there is plenty to choose from as the countdown to the Olympics gets well and truly underway. Throughout the West Midlands there are a cool 63 events listed on the official website we’ve picked out a couple of our faves… Continue reading