NYE Birmingham and W-ton

So we haven’t even decided what we’re doing yet but there’s plenty to keep you happy seeing in the New Year. Here’s our handpicked round-up to help give you inspiration. Continue reading

Area’s Guide to Festive Events

There is no avoiding it, the festivities are here with a bang this year so we say embrace the fun, try something different, and roll with it because if you are staying in the region over the holidays then Christmas is going to be hard to escape. We’ve rounded up a selection of events to treat the bah-humbug blues and give you plenty to do throughout December. Continue reading

Important artefacts

The treasure chest of Birmingham’s historic past ascents to a more conceptual level, in the Jewellery quarter this November, in a unique exhibition about the nature of collecting.

The exhibition ‘Important Artefacts’ will be the final event of 2010 for the ARC arts project, set in  the Vaults bar. For one night only six West Midlands artists will show work inspired by the historic past of the Vault’s listed cellars and it’s past use as a place for storing valuable objects. Continue reading

Recollect art exhibition.

Back in 2004, we saw Lisa Travers and Kelly Washbourne (under the name ARK exhibitions) collaborate to bring a new burst of energy and vibrance to Moseley Village with their exhibitions consisting of local artists musicians and DJ’s to create pack-out show ‘Made in Moseley’

6 years on from their resounding success the girls have been working hard individually with Kelly exhibiting in the UK, Europe and New York and Lisa gaining a Masters degree at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

Now, finally, the girls are getting back together, ‘recollecting’, and joining forces  once again to showcase their new pieces and to take advantage of the beautiful venue, The Vaults in Birmingham, which has established itself as both stylish and unusual. Both artists have fully taken advantage of this to highlight their vibrant and modern abstract pieces on the beautiful Victorian brick walls. Continue reading

Companis: Bawdyville!

ARC at The Vaults
29 September 2010 6-9pm

‘Bawdyville!’, presented by Companis, takes you down into the Vaults for a selection of one-on-one performances and instillation that embrace the forbidden and ludicrous. If you’re tempted by promises of private lap dancing, exquisite chocolate truffles, furtive peeopholing and a quick hand job, then Bawdyville is for you.

Companis, meaning to ‘break bread with someone’ is a nomadic curatorial and artistic practice based in Birmingham. For five months they have been meeting in the home of Kaye Winwood, one of the founders, to have lunch and explore the notion of exchange and participation within contemporary art, often through humorous and subversive tactics. Continue reading