White Rabbit as heraldThe evocative paring of Lewis Carroll’s infamous writing alongside Sir John Tenniel’s illustrations have graced many a bookshelf, school bag and bedside table. And it would seem that it is this amalgamation of the two which bring the nonsensical to the senses; turning the weird into wonder-land.   Continue reading

July/August Area Culture Guide

July_Aug_2013.inddWelcome to the latest edition of Area Culture Guide for July/August 2013. Check out the latest events inside the guide and see who is featured below… Continue reading

Area’s Guide to Festive Events

There is no avoiding it, the festivities are here with a bang this year so we say embrace the fun, try something different, and roll with it because if you are staying in the region over the holidays then Christmas is going to be hard to escape. We’ve rounded up a selection of events to treat the bah-humbug blues and give you plenty to do throughout December. Continue reading

Secret Egypt

A blockbusting new exhibition at Coventry’s Herbert will investigate and challenge the myths about ancient Egypt put about by Hollywood and popular media. Secret Egypt gathers over 200 objects from museums around the country including a mummy – called Perenbast, from the 22nd dynasty, discovered in 1909 – on loan from the Manchester Museum. Continue reading

The Herbert Art Giveaway

To all you art lovers out there!

This is an unmissable event. In celebration of the launch of the Street Art Season the Herbert art gallery & Museum  will be giving away 100 art pieces in a special Street Art Saturday It’s yours Take It event. This giveaway includes a wide variety of art that’s been gathered from Iran, Canada, the USA and all across europe and the UK.

This giveaway is the perfect opportunity for people who haven’t thought about owning art to get some wonderful and varied pieces for FREE and to become involve in the art world.

Can’t make it on the event day? No need to worry, the Herbert will be hiding their artwork around the city each week for the entirety of the exhibition. For clues where to find these pieces, keep checking out The Herbert’s Flickr Continue reading