The Bull’s new Royal Britannia-inspired outfit @Bullring

The Bullring Bull’s new outfit was revealed today in all it’s sparkly splendor  to mark the malls ‘Bostin British Summer‘ season which will include a Jubilee picnic and tea party in association with St Martin’s Church, a Bostin artwork masterpiece and weekends of live music in Spiceal Street. Continue reading

The Irrepressibles, November 10th

The Irrepressibles
St. Martin’s Church
November 10th

Is music only listened to, and art only seen? The Irrespressibles don’t seem to think so; they’re also going to be playing in a church.

The Irrepressibles are a weird, camp and wonderful art pop band (not pop art!) that merge art with traditional orchestra and pop music. But their performances are less about tomato soup and more about using theatrics and modern dance to create a highly interactive musical extravaganza. The highly decorative church is only incidental to the grandeur of the band and will only enhance the extravagance of the performance. Continue reading