West Midlands Film Boost

Hollywood has arrived in the West Midlands with not one but two films currently being shot in the area, bringing with them some famous faces.

Ever thought you’d spot Helena Bonham Carter or Freddie Highmore (the little lad from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) in Wolverhampton?  Well, you probably still won’t, but they are there…  Their new film TOAST, based on food writer Nigel Slater’s childhood in 1960’s Wolverhampton, is a bittersweet trip down memory lane retrieving the tastes and smells that a young boy associates with his journey into adulthood. Continue reading

Wevee Brings Birmingham’s Archive Footage to the Masses

The history and landscape of central England has long been a hub for diversity and frequent change that has proven difficult to fully chart, with archive footage often proving illusive and fragmented when acquired. Now however, there is an online archive where rich, previously unseen footage can be accessed all in one place. WeVee.co.uk brings together a mass archive that documents the history of central England in sublime still photography and film.