Lost Stories

Rebecca Wright2Part of the large scale participatory art initiative, Inside Out has arrived in Birmingham. A group of Birmingham based photographers have launched Lost Stories which focuses on some of the forgotten voices of the city – the aging generation. The group have met with, photographed and interviewed over 40 participants, whose portraits now line the walls of Navigation Street in Birmingham city centre. Continue reading


Chris Collins 1Grabbing your phone, snapping a pic and uploading it on to your chosen social media site has become as everyday as eating dinner (and sometimes we get to see plenty of photos of those too). But if your creative endeavours stretch further than a snap of your cat looking cute then Some Cities is a new initiative that aims to equip photographers of all abilities with the skills to capture stories through images and share them via a dedicated online platform at www.some-cities.org.uk. Continue reading

FROM DARKROOM TO DIGITAL – Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Oscar G. Rejlander - The Two Ways of Life (1857)
Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Until 15 February, 2014
wolverhampton.gov.uk | @WolvArtGallery

Over the years Wolverhampton has proven itself as a hub of artistic genius. From the ‘Father of photography’ Oscar Rejlander’s remarkable work, to the ever adaptable Bennett Clark’s portraits, the city has contributed a lot to the world of photography. Continue reading

PAiL – Open Photography Exhibition at The Public

poster by sumerstudioWhat’s The Focus? is an exhibition of the best photographs submitted in response to an open call. Photographers willing to be exhibited at The Public are welcomed to submit their work. The challenge is your photographic response to the following quote by Harold Pinter: Apart from the known and the unknown, what else is there? Pictures should be sent by Monday, 30th of September. The successful works will be displayed during the exhibition at The Public. For more information and to apply go to www.pailwestmidlands.co.uk.