Recollect art exhibition.

Back in 2004, we saw Lisa Travers and Kelly Washbourne (under the name ARK exhibitions) collaborate to bring a new burst of energy and vibrance to Moseley Village with their exhibitions consisting of local artists musicians and DJ’s to create pack-out show ‘Made in Moseley’

6 years on from their resounding success the girls have been working hard individually with Kelly exhibiting in the UK, Europe and New York and Lisa gaining a Masters degree at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

Now, finally, the girls are getting back together, ‘recollecting’, and joining forcesĀ  once again to showcase their new pieces and to take advantage of the beautiful venue, The Vaults in Birmingham, which has established itself as both stylish and unusual. Both artists have fully taken advantage of this to highlight their vibrant and modern abstract pieces on the beautiful Victorian brick walls. Continue reading