Mistys Big Adventure 18.11.11

“And we start with a minute of noise”,  says lead singer Grandmaster Gareth, who clearly sets the theme for the rest of the night.
Total insanity. But tonight, it seemed like a gradual sort of insanity, easing those unfamiliar, fresh pairs of ears and eyes into the madness, which enhanced after every track. Though, it wasn’t just Misty’s who oozed in oddity, their cult like fans were just as to blame, if not more. Continue reading

mac – 1 month to go

Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston, Birmingham
opens 1 May

For regular visitors to Birmingham’s beautiful Cannon Hill Park an integral part of the landscape has been missing. For the past two years the 1960’s structure that houses mac has been rebuilt and transformed as part of a £15m expansion and refurbishment project. Continue reading