The Balsall Heath Biennale

With a street party to rival the festival attended by the rich and powerful in Venice, the Balsall Heath Biennale in Birmingham began with a big, rather localised, bang. That localisation is exactly what this two year art project is about: bringing art and community together in neighbourhood often dismissed as messy, litter strewn and, well, a bit dodgy really. Continue reading

48SHEET – Collage Party 12.11.11

In April 2012 48SHEET will launch utilising 100 billboards across Birmingham to exhibit international, national and regional artists work within a unique urban exhibition. Before then, and leading up to the launch, a set of events and collaborations are taking place.

Happening this weekend is ‘Collage Party and artist talk by Elizabeth Rowe‘, 12-4pm, Saturday 12th November 2011, Unit B, Park Street, Digbeth (opposite Selfridges).

Turn up. Tune in. Cut out. Collage Party invites you to cut up and stick down. Collage Party is about having conversations while you are making.

Materials are provided. DJ-ing is provided. Bring your own refreshments.

For more information: follow @EC_Arts 

48 Sheet

48 Sheet Project
48 Sheet Route
2nd – 14th September

48 Sheet, alluding to the size of a traditional outdoor billboard, is a new experimental pilot project using four billboard spaces for advertisements as a blank canvas for artists. The aim of the project is to explore what can happen when artists are given the fantastic opportunity to express their artistic perspectives via a settings that’s usually dominated by adverts. The 4 lucky and talented artists participating in this project are Harry Blackett and Robin Kirkham, Lucy Mclauchlan, Ian Richards and Elizabeth Rowe. Continue reading