@BhamFoodFest 13-19 July

A week of gastronomic delights are about to be unleashed on Birmingham as the Food Fest hits the city ready to tantalise your taste buds with a host of culinary delights. There is a huge list of events taking place from pop-up cafes, wine tasting to foodie tours taking in brands established in the city. Continue reading

Jamie’s Italian

Jamie Oliver’s invasion of the food world has stopped short of Birmingham in the past but for no longer! Jamie’s Italian restaurant, which is named simply ‘Jamie’s Italian’, will be gracing the slopes of Birmingham’s Bullring this autumn.

Jamie’s Italians have been springing up all over the country in the last few years and there is now an exceptionally pleasant Jamie’s in Cambridge, Bath and now Birmingham. These are all decked out in stylish décor, but each one has great interiors that have all been lovingly decorated with food. Huge cured hams, giant Italian cheeses in nets and sausages hang from market place like ceilings and huge boxes of pasta are put on display in the restaurants as an encyclopaedia of pasta shapes and get people salivating. Continue reading


The melting pot of Birmingham’s cuisine scene is a tasty dish; usually served hot and with lashings of beer. But whether you want to start your night with a curry in the Balti triangle, or end your night with a veggie snack, Birmingham is pretty much the restaurant of the Midlands. Now the people behind the Island bar, and the popular drinking hole the Victoria are adding some Latin flavour to Birmingham’s foodie scene. Continue reading

Trademarking The Balti

Every country has its national cuisines, every city a speciality. However much Britain prides itself on its fry up breakfasts and Sunday roast dinners, times are a-changin’ and the curry has upped and settled in the stomach of every Birmingham local on a Friday night. Yes, we have stolen the national cuisine of India and now the city council of Birmingham are having the cheek to say no one else in Britain is allowed it. Well, not all of the curry menu, just the balti dish-so called after the flat bottomed wok it was first cooked in. Continue reading