Ditch n Stitch 11/02/12 at Urban Coffee Co.


¬†Too skint to go shopping after the Christmas overspend? New year’s resolution to stop buying clothes failing you? Wardrobe bursting at the seams? How about a little swishing to get rid of the old and swap for the nearly new? Continue reading

FOUR TRAGIC TALES ends 22/01/12 at mac

This is your last few days to see Stewart Easton’s digital prints that have been hand embroidered at mac, Birmingham. The show, curated by Trevor Pitt, closes on Sunday the 22nd January.

All the works in the exhibition derive from a set of illustrated picture-book stories by Easton, written about a group of fictional characters who inhabit a creative community. Each of The Four Tragic Tales is set in a mythical place where the main characters are blessed with youth, beauty and creativity, spending their days in the pursuit of music, theatre and the arts, until war descends upon them and brings a premature end to all.