The Habit of Art

The Habit of Art
Birmingham Repertory Theatre
0121 236 4455
28 September – 2 October
Tickets: £18.50 – £35

Following sell-out success at London’s National Theatre, Alan Bennett’s latest play focuses on composer Benjamin Britten, and poet W H Auden.  It reflects on growing old, creativity and inspiration, and on persisting when all passion is spent: ultimately, on the habit of art.

The main focus, the imagined meeting meeting of composer and poet as Britten seeks advice from Auden, sees the characters observed and interrupted by everyone from a young man from the local bus station to their future biographer.  Bennett explores the unsettling desires of the two difficult men, and the ethics of biography.

“There was a warning. And its name was ENRON”

Birmingham Repertory Theatre
0121 236 4455
22 – 25 September
£12 – 32

Following rave reviews on the West End, Headlong’s production of ENRON is coming to Birmingham.  Inspired by one of the most infamous scandals in financial history, ENRON follows flawed men and women in a narrative of greed and loss.   Continue reading