Independent food fair – tastings and talks 12-13 September

Carl Hawkins (Gin Masterclass)
Birmingham’s Indie Food Fair is back for a second year on the 12-13 September at Millennium Point in Eastside and they have some GREAT events taking place. We love the look of their tastings & talks this year…

Gin-troductions: Getting to Know Gin with Carl Hawkins
Saturday 12th, 2.00pm / Sunday 13th, 2.00pm
Gin is a glorious spirit! Join Carl ‘Gintle-man’ Hawkins (pictured) – one of Birmingham’s master mixologists – for a tasting of special gins. You’ll also learn a bit of light-hearted history and background to the vintage drink. (3 gins, 45 mins)

Chocolate Tasting with Kneals Chocolates
Saturday 12th, 12.30pm / Sunday 13th, 12.30pm
Award winning local chocolatier Kneals Chocolates returns to the fair for a second year with a chocolate tasting masterclass. Join Neil Hughes to taste through a series of hand-crafted chocolates and learn how the delicious treat is made. (45 mins)

Beers Boot camp with David Shipman
Saturday 12th, 2.00pm / Sunday 13th, 2.00pm
Get a liquid education with four beers selected to explore the four main ingredients used in brewing beer – water, malt, hops and yeast. David Shipman (Birmingham Beer Bash, Otherton Ales) explains the brewing process and how each ingredient adds to the finished product. (4 beers, 45 mins)

Street Food: How to Set Up Your Own Business with NCASS
Saturday 12th, 4.00pm / Sunday 13th, 3.30pm
Could you take your food to market? NCASS, the association with 28 years’ experience in mobile catering, are giving a tutorial for just £5 (normally £150). Learn how to set up and succeed in street food. (Talk, 45 mins)

Wine for Beginners: How to Taste Wine Like a Pro with Loki Wine
Saturday 12th, 1.00pm / Sunday 13th, 1.00pm
Everything you wanted to know about wine, but were too afraid to ask! Loki Wine, Birmingham’s premier wine retailer, will take you through three wines and give you the knowledge to examine, taste and judge wine like a pro. (3 wines, 45 mins)

Wine for Adventurers: If You Like This, Try… with Loki Wine
Saturday 12th, 4.00pm / Sunday 13th, 3.30pm
Bored of Merlot and Chardonnay? Try something new! Loki Wine guides you through a tasting of unusual alternatives to everyday picks. Add new wines to your repertoire and escape the cycle of repeat-buying the same old bottles. (3 wines, 45 mins)

How to book into a tasting or talk
Book your food fair tickets online and when you get to the checkout, look at ‘Additional Items’ and select the session or sessions you want. Easy!

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