Caitlin Moran Live, 16 July – New Alexandra Theatre

GiJ-Caitlin-Ebury-099 credit Gareth Iwan JonesLadies and Gentlemen: the bar is open, the wine is flowing, and so is the tongue of the witty and wonderful Caitlin Moran who’s letting loose for one night only in Birmingham.

Named as one of Britain’s most influential women in 2014, and famed for her novel ‘How To Be a Woman’, Caitlin is one of Britain’s most scintillating and inspiring faces of feminism, and having wielded the power of pen for over two decades, she has a lot to say and she’s not afraid of say it! 

Caitlin has proved that where the media is concerned keeping tongue in cheek won’t solve anything. She’s a woman who’s happy to ask the questions everyone avoids: Why are there more news articles about Oprah Winfrey’s diet regime than China’s growing economic superpower? Why do we know the name’s of members of boy bands but not our local politician? 

No one is safe from Ms Moran’s genius, refreshing and sassy analysis: men, women, David Bowie or Sherlock Holmes. The night will also feature highlights from How To Be A Woman, Moranthology and Caitlin’s new book: How To Build A Girl. Caitlin is one of the most eye-opening and inspiring writers of our time, so what better way to spend an evening than with a few cheeky glasses of wine, laughter and thought-provoking debate with this fascinating woman herself? And remember, just because Caitlin’s a proclaimed feminist doesn’t mean this is a ‘ladie’s night’ only, for as the lady clearly addresses in her book: “I’m neither ‘pro-women’ nor ‘anti-men.’ I’m just “Thumbs up for the six billion.” CB

New Alexandra Theatre
0844 871 3011
16 July 2014

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