Chris Collins 1Grabbing your phone, snapping a pic and uploading it on to your chosen social media site has become as everyday as eating dinner (and sometimes we get to see plenty of photos of those too). But if your creative endeavours stretch further than a snap of your cat looking cute then Some Cities is a new initiative that aims to equip photographers of all abilities with the skills to capture stories through images and share them via a dedicated online platform at

Over the next four months Some Cities will deliver a series of talks, workshops and courses on digital, analogue and documentary photography, along with access to darkroom facilities. The photographs submitted will contribute to an extensive and authentic digital archive of life in Birmingham.

The project, devised and produced by Birmingham-based creative professionals Andrew Jackson and Dan Burwood, aims to bring together budding and professional photographers to create conversations, partnerships and collaborations examining the city we live and work in through images.

Images can be submitted to the project directly via, and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #somecities and #brumfotos.

For further information on submissions and commissions, or to book a place for individual talks, workshops and courses visit

Image by Chris Collins courtesy of Some Cities.

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