FROM DARKROOM TO DIGITAL – Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Oscar G. Rejlander - The Two Ways of Life (1857)
Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Until 15 February, 2014 | @WolvArtGallery

Over the years Wolverhampton has proven itself as a hub of artistic genius. From the ‘Father of photography’ Oscar Rejlander’s remarkable work, to the ever adaptable Bennett Clark’s portraits, the city has contributed a lot to the world of photography.

This year the Wolverhampton Photographic Society celebrates its 125th anniversary. To celebrate their birthday they are showcasing the role local photographers played in the development of the world’s most widely used art form.

From Darkroom to Digital portrays Wolverhampton as the diverse and exciting city it is today, as well the historically interesting area that it once was. The exhibition charts the social and political development of the city from the 19th century onwards, using innovative photography to portray the transition through a variety of mesmerising photographic techniques.

The highlight of the exhibition is Rejlander’s composite photograph the Two Ways of Life. Made from 32 separate negatives it was the first of its kind, a copy was even purchased by Queen Victoria as a gift for Prince Albert! The legendary photographer also captured the likes of Lewis Carroll and Charles Darwin, and as a sign of respect the Wolverhampton Photographic Society has commissioned a contemporary interpretation of the Two Ways of Life in his honour. SL


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