October Discovery Season at The Library of Birmingham

Ruth Green - Firebird, Girls who drawGetting off to a great start Capsule’s curated Discovery Season at the Library of Birmingham is now in full swing. Here is what’s to come for October…

1st – 6th October
The Book Apothecary Presents: Transcribe by Ben Freeth & Yvette Hawkins
Book Apothecary is a travelling museum of artist’s books. For their Creative Residency the Book Apothecary presents a new site specific installation Transcribe by Ben Freeth and Yvette Hawkins. Ben and Yvette are inviting submissions from the public to literally become a book.
Throughout the residency recorded memories, stories, thoughts or moments will be captured and played from the spines of books, as readers interact with the installation.  Throughout the week visitors will also have the chance to make their own books or interact with some of the works from Book Apothecary’s archive of travelling suitcase books.

8th – 13th October
The House of Beorma Archive – The Outcrowd
Building on their project The Festival of The Rea that took place in 2012 The Outcrowd Collective will turn The Pavilion into a museum of fictional and real archival material around ‘Beorma’ the chieftain of the Beormingas clan who are the first known Anglo-Saxon settlers and founders of Birmingham. Drawing on Benjamin Stone’s photographs of rural procession and folk celebrations – held in the Library of Birmingham’s archives – The Outcrowd will also present re-imagined celebrations and rituals to Beorma.

15th – 20th October
Carousel, Cathy Wade in partnership with Vivid Projects
Carousel will be a participatory interdisciplinary work using projections within a collective immersive environment that explores ownership, time, sound and image. The public will work with the artist to experience hand held projectors or carousels, with original slides and mementos, to create ever changing projected environments that van be immediately experienced.

22nd – 27th October
The Haunted Screen (Film Ficciones) – Scott Johnston
Inspired by the relationship between cinema and literature (specifically macabre short stories) and the aesthetics of the cinematic past, Film Ficciones presents an unusual and exciting artistic challenge. A series of ‘film-sets’ complete with costumes and props will be assembled each day in The Pavilion and selected participants and the public will be involved in all aspects of the filmmaking process, from storyboarding to scripting to designing sets, shooting and performing.

29th October – 3rd November
The Museum of Mythical Creatures – Girls Who Draw (Ruth Green’s image from GWD pictured above)
The museum is a collection of magical characters, fabulous beasts and imaginary beings inspired by myths, legends and folklore from around the world. Created by illustrators Girls Who Draw, they have painted, printed, cut, drawn and even sewn an array of imaginative artwork and unusual objects to inspire, intrigue and entertain visitors of all ages.

Read more about the events and the season here…

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