The Bronx, Slade Rooms, 15 Feb @Wolvescivic

The Bronx
The Bronx exploded onto the scene a decade ago with a sound reminiscent of L.A. punk’s heyday, heavy percussion and artillery-fire guitars alongside anguished lyrics about society’s dysfunction and the perils of street life. Ten years on, the band’s sound has evolved tremendously, thanks to an act of defiance in 2006. Being asked to do an acoustic performance did not sit well with the punk rockers, and they stormed the stage donning sombreros and performing a mariachi version of their hit ‘Dirty Leaves’. What was intended to be an angry ‘two fingers up’ had an unforeseen result however, and alter ego ‘El Bronx’ took on a life of its own, offering a fresh and infectious take on the genre and winning them fans worldwide.

Now older, and with an additional musicality and sophistication that can be accredited to their mariachi experiments, the punk band still seethes with their trademark rage. Listen out for new single, ‘Youth Wasted’; a fearless look back on mistakes made by vocalist Caugthtran, and the songs ‘Under the Rabbit’, and ‘The Unholy Land’ which offer an amusing glimpse into the band’s adventures on tour, including fur coats, gangs, and alcohol smuggling.

With a future as uncertain as their tempestuous past, this latest record was made on the band’s own terms, and they have no intention of relinquishing their independence. As guitarist Ford said, “We don’t have to rent a studio for a zillion dollars or pay some mega-producer to help us, because we’ve become self-reliant. It’s been a long road and we’re proud of it.”

The Slade Rooms, Broad St, Wolverhampton, WV1 1HP | @Wolvescivic
15 February
Ticket prices: £15.00

Words: Susie Dickie

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