Brummie Slang

It was only at university when I realised how strung (ahem, strong) my Black Country accent actually was. At the age of 19 i’d managed to go through my life (thanks to little travel opportunities and a staunchly working class council estate upbringing) not interacting with many people outside of the West Midlands. How was I supposed to know yow day all spake loike may?

So it was with fondness that the Brummie Slang popped on to our Twitter Stream (via a friend – thank you Chloe I) and gems like ‘Doss’, ‘Cob’, and ‘Mardy’ came flooding back – although other than ‘Doss’ (I don’t do that anymore since i’m in my thirties) I pretty much use ‘Cob’ and ‘Mardy’ (or Mardy Arse as I personally prefer) on a regular basis still. It might be Brummie but the Black Country cross-over is pretty much similar – bar a few additions; up the wooden hill anyone?

Anyway for the full list and to put a smile on your face go and take a look…

For Brummie / Black Country inspired tees (as pictured above) check out Bostin Brum.

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