Eastern Electronics Festival
 – 19-24 November

November sees the return of Shaanti’s Eastern Electronics Festival to its birthplace, bringing a celebration of diverse British-Asian culture through a plethora of engaging events. The festival has been dubbed an invaluable platform for emerging artists, amplifying 21st century ideas regarding British-South-Asian culture, and celebrating heritage to become a focal point for local pride; this November’s festival is set to live up to this ethos indefinitely.

The festival sees a variety of events aimed at inspiring younger generations. The launch sees Eastern Electronics teaming up with Heartlands Hospital to give under-privileged children a chance to develop musically under the guidance of top hip-hop music producer, Steel Bangelz. The festival reaches out further to Birmingham’s youth with ‘engage’, which, as the name suggests, will give children the chance to engage with music like never before, guest speakers including Apache Indian, Metz & Trux, Arshia Riaz, and founder of Shaanti, Manga Singh, aiming to give young adults confidence in their musical endeavours through a series of school talks throughout the week.

The festival seeks to celebrate the long-standing traditions of South-Asian culture, the highlight emerging on the 21st with ‘An audience with Malkit Singh, MBE’: an opportunity to explore the successes of one of the world’s best-selling Bhangra artists in his adopted city. Alongside tradition, the festival is set to live up to its name as an invaluable platform for emerging artistic ideas.

The 22nd sees Richard Price hit the streets of Birmingham in ’Outside the box’, challenging the preconceptions of art, making it accessible to the public as we trace Price’s ‘Bollywood to Birmingham’ coming to life before our eyes. The 23rd showcases  great emerging female musical talents at the Bulls Head in ‘In New Music We Support,’ with artists such as singer-songwriter Sheena Ladwa, DJ I-Candy, and The Shama Rahman Band, with their reinterpretation of the Beatles classic, ‘Eleanor Rigby’, performing exclusively for Eastern Electronics.

If this vibrant week of concerts, exhibitions, inspirational talks, workshops and online podcasts wasn’t enough, Eastern Electronics is set to come to a crescendo with its closing party on the 24th, with an impressive line up headlined by Faithless’ Sudha, to get you party till the morning and truly celebrating all the great achievements of the global South-Asian culture in our region.


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