Last Chance | Magnum Sport: Icons and the Everyday

It’s your last chance to see a new interactive exhibition, designed to take art from the galleries and make it part of the daily lives of people in Birmingham.

Taking place on the streets of the Colmore Business District and closing on the 9th September, Magnum Sport: Icons and the Everyday is a collection of 70 sporting images by 40 of the world’s premiere documentary photographers including Eve Arnold, Werner Bischof, Martine Franck and Thomas Hoepker.

The exhibition features images of sporting events and persons from around the world and has been developed to coincide with the recent Olympic Games and forthcoming Paralympic Games and celebrates the universal language of sport.

The collection of images, gathered over decades and collated by renowned photographic agency Magnum Photos, includes images of a number of familiar faces such as Olympic champion Mohammed Ali, but focuses more on the obscure and everyday aspects of sporting culture.

Much of the photography, including pictures of African runners milking cows whilst wearing their running shoes and standing long jump competitions in Arizona for ages 80-85, reflect the cultural differences inherent across the globe between athletes and how sports can transcend these barriers unifying participants worldwide under the banner of sports person.

Developed in partnership with Colmore Business District, the Library of Birmingham, Magnum Photos and Birmingham City Council, the exhibition is split between two sites in Colmore Square and Church Street Square.

A must for sports fans, don’t miss the last chance to take in this stunning array of images that have been painstakingly captured over the last century from across the globe.

Image credits:

Top image: Magnum Sport 103– Muhammad Ali, former boxing world heavy weight champion in Chicago, jumping from a bridge over the Chicago River. 1966. Thomas Hopeker / Magnum Photos
Middle image: Magnum Sport 101The 80-85 Class Standing Long Jump, Arizona, USA, 2000. Photo: David Hurn / Magnum Photos

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