Urban Coffee Co’s new exhibition

Urban Coffee Company is promoting the work of up-and-coming creatives across the West Midlands with a series of in-store exhibitions throughout the year.

The current exhibition, which is being held at Urban Coffee Company’s Jewellery Quarter emporium, champions the talent of 20-year-old Stratford-upon-Avon born photographer Ben Cherry, with six exclusive photos on display from his ‘Cairo to Capetown’ collection, specially selected from 45,000 taken on a journey across Africa.

“I’m trying to raise my profile as a photographer so I’m always looking out for opportunities to showcase my work.” Comments Ben. “When I came to Urban Coffee Company I was really taken with the open space and great welcoming vibe. The low-key decor is the perfect canvas for artwork and photography, as it immediately draws your eyes to the pieces on show.”

The exhibition runs throughout May and you can check out www.urbancoffee.co.uk for further details.

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