DEATHTRIPPING feat. Lydia Lunch 19.02.12 @VIVID_

Next weekend, Vivid will be hosting DEATHTRIPPING, a two part festival of transgressive trash film and performance. The event will feature a rare live appearance from iconic No Wave beauty Lydia Lunch (PICTURED) and exclusive screenings of ultra-shocking underground films from the likes of Nick Zedd and Richard Kern, some of which have been banned in the state of New York.

Lunch is set to headline a full night of loud Punk and No Wave music and Zedd and Kern’s movies aim to offer visitors a portal into the world of the Cinema of Transgression, a No Wave-inspired 80s underground film movement. The duo’s experimental movies take an extreme and satirical approach towards themes of pleasure, sex, horror and disgust.

Vivid, 140 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR
Saturday 18 February: 6:30pm-late, Sunday 19 February: 12-5pm
Tickets £10 each, over 18s only

Words: Jon Price

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