A winter Woolly for Bully

Knitting-graffiti artists Stitches & Hos have been the brains behind a variety of different woollen creations in Birmingham over the last year or so. From a scarf around the ‘Floozie in the Jacuzzi‘, to rasta hats on post boxes, the team of unconventional street artists have experimented with a wide range of the urban landscape, brightening up the public’s view with their needles, as a replacement to the spray can.

This time around, the woollen kooks were sharing their Christmas spirit with everyone, marking the beginning of the chocolate calendar with a treat that definitely wouldn’t fit in any of the windows.

Keeping the iconic Bull [of the Bullring] extra warm this winter, the team stitched a lovely light blue jumper around the bronze statue. As passers by stopped in amazement, the frost-enduring team carried on hard at work, to dress their model in highly fashionable knitwear.

“The Bull statue is a perfect knit graffiti target”, says leading Knitter Sara Fowles. “The story actually starts with a project we did in April this year.

“We had tried to knit-graffiti the bull without proper permissions, and we ended up being asked to leave by the Bullring security staff!”, she says.

“I was then approached by the Bullring who had seen some of our previous exploits online. They were interested in giving the bull some decoration as part of their Christmas marketing campaign. From the initial meeting, the idea of knitting the bull a jumper was born. And the colour [light blue] was chosen to be in line with the colour palette of the campaign”, says Sara.

With over 300 hours of knitting involved, using 14kg of wool, this is definitely a feat that Sara couldn’t have done alone. “There was a bit of a tag team”, she says. “It started off as a team of five, but three of the team were actually installing another project in the evening.

“Since it took far longer than I imagined, another knitter came along after work to help get it finished.”

Make sure you catch a glimpse of Sara & her team’s work, which will be exhibited on the Bull until 18th December.

Ross Cotton

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