Mistys Big Adventure 18.11.11

“And we start with a minute of noise”,  says lead singer Grandmaster Gareth, who clearly sets the theme for the rest of the night.
Total insanity. But tonight, it seemed like a gradual sort of insanity, easing those unfamiliar, fresh pairs of ears and eyes into the madness, which enhanced after every track. Though, it wasn’t just Misty’s who oozed in oddity, their cult like fans were just as to blame, if not more.

As each follower become infected by a weird and wacky dance virus, which engulfed the crowd. More to the point, Kate Thompson, a long standing fan of Misty’s and singer of her own motley crew, KateGoes, was the one who had the power to persuade her fellow audience members to join in with the spinnin’, the swayin’ and the boogyin’, initiated by the onstage antics of Misty’s mascot dancer Erotic Volvo.

Follow the trend and you’re sure to enjoy the most entertaining band you’ll ever see this side of modern life. Stand alone and judge, and you’ll soon realise that you really are missing out on all the fun. And this is all before I even mention the indescribable, incomparable sound of Misty’s.

Of course, the highly relatable Fashion Parade is one of everybody’s favourites, with fans replicating the catchy narrative, that cleverly pieces together the issues surrounding pop music in a way that is highly entertaining.

“Lots of money, lots and lots of money”, sings Grandmaster Gareth, defining the the cash obsessed modern society. And in the next breath, it’s, “lost the money, gone and lost the money”.

Re-defining the sad ‘throw-away’ era of music, proving that underneath this madness, there’s more to Misty’s than meets the eye.
But let’s not get too down about today’s pop music, as Misty’s keep spirits high with their vocal duet track I Want A Biscuit (You Can’t Have One). Which Gareth describes as their emo song, a feud between Nick Clegg (played by Gareth himself) and David Cameron (played by saxophonist Lucy Baines). The downright daftness is glued together with an overly cheerful mix of salsa vibes, demanding you to move your feet and contrasting the depressed Gareth, who is the unfortunate sod who just isn’t allowed a biscuit.

Never Stops, Never Rests, Never Sleeps is, of course, and always will be the track that sends fans wild into an adrenalin rush of racing organs, drum beats and tooting sax/trumpet wars. As Erotic Volvo blue face paint begins to run, you automatically know that the night has been full of energetic mayhem and crowd pleasing triumph. Misty’s Big Adventure define the idea of seeing a band live.

If you want to listen to music, of course, play it your own leisure. But if you want to be thoroughly entertained by a live act that incorporates everything from traditional theatre to comedy to two-tone, then Misty’s are certainly the band for you.

I know which I’d prefer.

Words: Ross Cotton

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