Six Summer Saturdays 6.8.11

Another fun-packed day awaits tomorrow in Birmingham City Centre when Six Summer Saturdays arrives bringing snow to summer. You are invited to play, dance, film with special specs and be terrified in the smallest mobile cinema in the world…

Snow in the City

Chamberlain Square, 10am – 5pm
Birmingham has woken up to a snow storm in the middle of the night and you can join in the fun and throw a snow ball or two. Yes, really! In partnership with Snow Business.

I Scream van of Horror by Fuse
Chamberlain Square, 1pm – 6pm
The smallest mobile cinema in the world. An usher will show you to your gold braided seats and the lights dim. Sit back and enjoy a mock horror movie from amongst others the genius that is Forkbeard Fantasy. Ice creams are available from our staff as are I Screams as the van itself delivers a fine array of surprise and shocks. For those who dream of Knickerbocker Gories, Shock Ices and Screamy Treats this performance is a big hit at festivals, events, celebrations and fetes.

Browse with Creative City
Chamberlain Square, 1pm – 6pm
Become a Six Summer Saturday spy with Browse. Wear Video Specs and capture our summer snow storm in a unique way. Browse Video Specs are ordinary looking eye-wear, with a video and audio recording device. There are no special skills required, no camera shyness. It is easy, fun and YOU are in charge.

Raging Skulls by Being Frank Youth
Hippodrome Piazza, 1.30pm & 5pm
Centred around a metal box four men struggle with keeping a guilty secret. As they avoid each other they perform gymnastic manoeuvres and movements from break-dance and parkour.

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