Pier Review – Help make it happen

Fans of Area Culture Guide and Fused Magazine will no doubt have already enjoyed the fine words from our regular scribes Danny Smith and Jon Bounds. They have amused our readers for several years with their irreverent tales of being sick, flat-roofed public houses, romancing the opposite sex and much more. Now they need YOUR HELP as they embark on a journey around the country to visit the 56 piers in England and Wales that make our seasides so beautiful – well some of them. And here is why…

In the proud English tradition of Livingstone, James Cook, and Brian Blessed were doing something gloriously pointless and difficult. Why? Because they’re there.

We plan to visit every working Pier in England and Wales in a two week period, our deadline set by the signing on schedule of our reluctant tour manager. 56 piers and 2000-odd miles in two weeks.

For years now the British seaside has been seen as in a state of decline, but with the rise of blue flag beaches, ‘staycations’ flexible working hours the seaside is fighting back. This battle can be seen by the piers, with some earmarked for demolition, burnt to the ground or just plain forgotten and others planning huge remodelling as ‘consumer leisure experiences’. The very soul of the British seaside is up for grabs.

But we need help, petrol, insurance, Monster Munch and campsite fees are all concerns so were seeking help via crowdfunder.co.uk, a website where people can pledge money to help and get special rewards.

They have already raised over £500 – enough for the petrol to drive around the perimeter of the country and insurance to make it legal for them to do so. But if they want to eat and not sleep in the car then they still need a bit more.

Help them on their unique journey and you’ll be rewarded with tales of… well who knows we’ll have to wait and see!

The official website: http://pierreview.co.uk/

Crowdfunder page – links.dirtybristow.co.uk/pierreview

Facebook page – facebook.com/PierReview

Twitter – twitter.com/PierReview

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