REVIEW: Let’s Wrestle, 23.7.11 Hare & Hounds

Cocky cockneys through and through, Let’s Wrestle take attitude to the next level, binding together the naughties indie scene of trend setters Franz Ferdinand with sixties garage rock. Their downtrodden appearance leaves no signs of conformity, with a clear indication of independence to those fashion followers.

Let’s Wrestle are here, doing their own thing, so make way or move out of the way.

Though really, this is all to be taken on the chin, as their blend of noise rock head-banging gives in to light-hearted ideals, particular in I Won’t Lie To You, which saw fans bouncing from wall to wall in glee of Wesley Patrick Gonzalez’s squiffy, yet strangely energetic vocals.

The more out-of-tune Wesley sings, the more apparent it is that realism and authenticity are forces by means to pull in the crowd.

By now, the story behind their band name had become so obvious, as We are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon, wrestles with humour and chaos, striking the Hare & Hounds to pieces with raw, fuzzy guitar riffs and crashing symbols of frenzy.

Their dirty image and sound slowly gives way to the rock stereotype, as Wesley’s sound echoes an alternative Pete Doherty, pressed against the comic straight-forwardness of Art Brut’s Eddie Argos.

I’m So Lazy
dominates the stage with its enriching indie guitar chorus, demanding attention from those hellbent on the groove.

“I find it very hard, cos I stay in bed all day”, sings Wesley, summing up the student lifestyle.

The lo-fi three-piece are more than enough to lead onwards a new breed of rough rock ‘n’ roll themselves, combined with relatable lyrics, the quick witted Wesley brings back a combination of comedy and music that has long been over due.

Words: Ross Cotton

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