Ping Pong Birmingham

You may start to notice a few strange goings on in the next few days around Birmingham city centre and suburbs with the appearance of random Ping Pong tables.

Ping! is an innovative three year street ping pong project which provides people with opportunities to play social and competitive table tennis, free of charge. The aim is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK playing – to bring about a sense of community spirit and get more people playing sport on the run up to the Olympics.

From the 8th July to the 8th August you can play for free indoors and outdoors, beside motorways, in theatres, places of worship, in parks , train stations and many more places. Go to the website and pop in your postcode to find the nearest table to you.

On Corporation Street in Birmingham city centre you can also check out the Ping Pong Parlour and join in a host of masterclasses, competitions and activities.

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