Shock & Gore, 1-3 July, The Electric

Not one for the squeamish amongst you, this is Birmingham’s premier independent cinema’s chance to revel in a love of cinematic gore. If you love your blood spurting out, your zombies gruesome and finding yourself shaking on the edge of your seat, then take a peak between your fingers and see what delights Shock & Gore has to offer and it all starts TODAY.

An international collection of horror flicks, ranging from zombies to the supernatural, have been lined up for an almighty marathon. The line up so far includes Hobo With A Shotgun, a double bill of Rec and Rec 2, Witchfinder General and Dead Of Night. Wannabe zombie filmmakers have your notepads at the ready as after the screening of African zombie film The Dead there will also be a chance for a questions and answer session with the director.

Splatter on top of that some stand up comedy, a collection of horror themes sung by Birmingham’s own Notorious Choir and an Xbox games party on the big screen.

A weekend of horrific fun,  but after which you may never be able to sleep again…don’t forget to check under the bed.

The Electric Cinema, 47-49 Station Street, Birmingham
1-3 July

Words: Craig Bush


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