Ed Ruscha – W-ton Art Gallery

Artist Rooms – Ed Ruscha
Until 29 October
Wolverhampton Art Gallery

A little slice of LA heads to Wolverhampton this month in the form of Ed Ruscha, one of the most consistently inventive, challenging and influential American artists of the last 50 years. On display until the end of October, the works are taken from the ARTIST ROOMS collection that consists of a selection of modern and contemporary art held by the Tate and the National Galleries of Scotland, along with pieces never before seen in the UK.

Since the early 60s Ruscha has channelled his fascination with language and American West Coast culture into a plethora of mediums, many of which will be on display. The exhibition will feature drawings and paintings, including oil painting The Music from the Balconies (1984) and Honk (1962), neither of which has ever been displayed in the UK before. The programme is a follow-up to the hugely successful Andy Warhol Paintings and Posters ARTIST ROOMS of 2009, staged at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, and as a mark of the success the programme received previously, the new show will be seen at no fewer than 21 galleries across the country.

Lee Hall

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