3 Minute Heroes

If you’re in Birmingham this Saturday, drop by to The Edge (studio and headquarters of Friction Arts on Cheapside, Digbeth) and be prepared for some inspirational stuff. Projections, performances, sculpture and technology will immerse you in the world of ‘local heroes’ as you experience three-minute-long stories created by Birmingham groups, designed to commemorate the hard work of their very own hero.

The exhibition aims to celebrate the ‘extraordinary in the ordinary’ and reward certain special people for their effort and dedication in different areas. Members of the public who drop by this Saturday will be able to meet the heroes nominated through the projects and the creators of the 3-minute pieces, as well as leaving tales of their own heroes for others to read.

The collection will be available to view from April 16th to April 22nd at The Edge, Cheapside, B12 OQH.
More information is here.

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