Thriller in the City – 16th April

If you’re a fan of the late Michael Jackson or, just like everyone else at the moment, obsessing with the amount of dance programmes on TV we have a bit of a treat for you. Birmingham Hippodrome, Dancing for the Games and DanceXchange are working together to bring you Thriller in the City, a flash mob which will be taking place on Saturday the 16th April in Birmingham (we don’t know where – that is the surprise) and YOU can be involved.

If you’re not familiar with the idea of flash mobs, think that T-Mobile advert where all those people start dancing in the big train station. Fun, huh? If you think back to that advert, how well everyone remembers it and how huge it was, it’s pretty easy to see how much awareness a well-choreographed flash mob could raise, as well as how amazing it’d be to be part of it.

Visit the website to find out more and learn all your MJ dance moves via YouTube videos. It’s also top secret business at the moment; to keep the flash mob under wraps, you have to sign up in order to find out what time and where it’s all taking place – how exciting!


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