Dead Space?

A quiet corner of the soon-to-be demolished Birmingham Central Library will be transformed in a series of exhibitions conceived and curated by Claire Farrell of EC Arts called Dead Space?

First up is Lucy McLauchlan (until 7th May), who says,

“Look around the city, buildings stand now disused and forgotten. Nature reappears in their cracks. Weeds, shrubs, trees and birds make their homes.

“Is there such a thing as dead space?”

Other exhibitions in the series will be Looking Through Birmingham by Pete Ashton (12th May-17th June) and Regeneration X by Matt Watkins (23rd June-29th July). Pete has created a series of slow animations made from sequential photos, turning the everyday into the extraordinary, while Matt will make large collages of characters caught in between states, the old interacting with the new, the real responding to the virtual, man merging with machine,

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