Bostin’ 60s

Wolverhampton Art Gallery has teamed up with author and Times columnist Sathnam Sanghera to present an exhibition exploring the Black Country in the 1960s. Sanghera has chosen everyday objects such as furniture, clothing and newspaper clippings which represent utopias and dystopias of 1960s Black Country, the decade his parents arrived in Wolverhampton during a time of enormous cultural change.

Speaking recently about the relevance of the exhibition Sanghera said,

“The 60s were one of the most significant and dramatic decades in the area’s history. For it was during the seventh decade of the 20th century that the area witnessed a multicultural revolution, with diverse ethnic groups moving into the area at such a pace that generated not only national, but international interest.”

The exhibition also focuses on the radical architectural changes that happened in Wolverhampton during this period, with whole areas of the city being demolished to make way for shopping centres, ring roads and tower blocks.

Interview with Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s Dean Melbourne (Art Interpreter) about the exhibition.


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