Mr Scruff Review – Hare and Hounds 25.2.11

Mr Scruff and his tea bus arrived in the leafy Birmingham suburb of Kingsheath on Friday night. Performing at the Hare & Hounds, Mr Scruff delivered a night of soul, funk, hip-hop, Jazz, African and Latin inspired breaks amongst many, many other genre’s. Scruff is indeed a man who can make good music seemingly out of everything and anything. During his 6 hour set, Scruff glided from one genre to the next effortlessly, building on the rhythm of each tune, much to the crowds delight.

Hare & Hounds was a great choice of venue, despite the gig being sold-out, the venue still appeared really spacious and didn’t feel over-packed or stuffy. At the same time, the gig felt really intimate and fans where able to dance up-close and personal right next to Mr Scruffs turn-table. There was really low-key atmosphere to the night, which suited the enthusiatic and friendly crowd perfectly, as they danced, drank and threw some shapes to the beat-tastic sounds of Mr Scruff.

Beneath the venue was Scruffs tea shop, selling his organic range of cuppa’s, expertly brewed by two cheeky northern lads. Here was the perfect place for you to renew your energy and rest your dancing feet, whilst sipping on a Mr Sruff herbal or caffeine concoction.

Mr Scruff is touring throughout the UK during March and with more gigs being announced for May, June and July – visit his website to see if he’s performing near you.

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