chris+keir vs Melville Mitchell: Perform – Or Else

A Night of Performance Challenges, curated by Jimmy Lindqvist and Maria de Regla Garcia-Bernal

Grand Union

25 February

Melville Mitchell – the collaborative practice of James Melville Thomas and Simon Mitchell – are known for their high-impact performances, involving moments of determined physicality, back-slapping solidarity and feats of supportive endurance, often stemming from real events they have experienced together.

chris+keir are a performance-oriented duo, with a keen interest in what they term “pejorative sensibilities”, such as silliness or stupidity, resulting in works like The Rob Ring Foundation – the logical conclusion of their obsession with the Canadian video artist – and a recent conference paper on Tourette’s.

These two duos will present an evening of live, alternating performances this Friday at Grand Union, as the last event in the Live Acts and Sound programme.

chris+keir will incorporate formulaic jokes and shonky wooden contraptions into their side of the contest, while Melville Mitchell will undertake a series of formidable tasks using the paraphernalia of British drinking culture.








































































































































































































































































































































































































































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