A Picture Unfolds

Caroline Collinge’s A Picture Unfolds sees the first in a new collaboration between galleries TROVE, Birmingham and Minnie Weisz Studio, London. The show explores the fascinating history of the A-Z and in particular it’s determined and eccentric author Phyllis Pearsall. Pearsall worked up to eighteen hours a day, walking a total of 3,000 miles while mapping London’s 23,000 streets when creating the A-Z – the now essential travel resource.

Collinge utilises origami, costume and architectural elements to recreate the original story of the London A-Z, building an architectural fantasy of the city streets, blending fact with mythology to create a truly unique first solo exhibition.

The multi-talented artist is currently a PHD student at the Univeristy of the Arts London and has already had her work short listed for the RIBA ‘Forgotten Spaces’ Competition 2010 and exhibited at The National Theatre. Collinge is also a distinguished set designer and as worked on theatre productions for Liege Arts Festival, Prague Quadrennial and The Roadhouse, London.

Trove, Birmingham
Until 25th Feb, 2011 by appointment only

Charlotte Kimbley

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