Moseley Record Fair

In its fourth month of age, January’s Moseley Record Fair was my first experience of such a warm, friendly community-based activity. Located in the heart of Moseley Village, the fair takes place inside St Columba Church, the corner of Alcester Road and Chantry Road, on a Sunday towards the end of each month.

Upon stepping inside the hall, I felt myself becoming consumed by stalls full of records, CDs, books, films and obscure magazines, immediately bestowing a need to explore each in order to nourish my music appetite and desire.

While being greeted by a glowing cheerful face behind every browse, the addition of a socialising aspect provided the perfect composure to a ‘feel good’ attribute, in order to bring back that community ambience, which all too often seems to be at a loss from the recent upstart of social networking.
Instead, the growth of sincere passion and enthusiasm filled the air, breaking down barriers between strangers with discussions of common interests and insights, to share knowledge and intellect with people we barely met minutes ago.

Inside the cafe, more conversations were to be made, as you find yourself engulfed in a 70s style civilization, with traditional home-made cake and of course, the best of all, herbal teas, fitting flawlessly among the unmodernised get-up, and lets face it, we all need a bit of retro in our lives.

Whether you’re looking for a bargain, a rarity or just somebody to talk to, Moseley Record Fair is certainly the place to go to.

With a keen interest in music, you’re sure to delve into something new as well as discovering that purchase you longed for, returning back to modern life with a truly reflective smile.

The next Record Fair is the 27th March.

Ross Cotton

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