2011: Chinese New Year, Year of the Rabbit

Get a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart this February and be ready to celebrate. This Thursday, the 3rd of February is Chinese New Year!

This year is Year of the Rabbit and I’ve been in Birmingham’s Chinatown stocking up on fortune cookies (£1 a bag) and sweeties packed in an opulent cute gold rabbit money box (£3.50), both from the Day In supermarket in Cathay Street, Arcadian Centre.

The centre of Birmingham also hosts a Chinese “pagoda”, a gift from Birmingham City University Honorary Doctorate, Mr Wing Yip (pictured).

The pagoda is hand carved from solid granite and stands 40 ft high. Created in China, it’s shipped over to the UK in sections and assembled on site. It’s a thank you to the city which enabled My Wing Yip’s nationwide Chinese superstores to become so successful.

Head down to Chinatown this weekend for a magical time. In the day you can treat yourself to one of the best tea-selections in town at Cafe Soya, Unit 2, The Matrix, Upper Dean Street.

Cafe Soya does healthy chrysanthemum tea for £1.50 a pot. It also does my favourite “blooming tea” which arrives in a tall glass. Watch the pretty flower unfurl as it heats up in the water. It’s good for pictures on your mobile phone as well as to drink. It costs £1.50 too.

If you can’t get into town logon to www.miffyshop.co.uk for the best and cutest rabbit merchandise. Miffy creator Dick Bruna, was born in the Year of the Rabbit and he’s produced 5 special illustrations to mark the occasion.

Miffy is so hot right now. Her diary has never been fuller either – it’ll be Easter soon!

By Erica Crompton

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