Birds of a feather flock together in the RBSA Craft Gallery’s first exhibition of 2011! The Gallery is located on Brook Street in the heart of city centre, with this one-of-a-kind exhibition running until 8th April, 2011. ‘Flock’ the exhibition explores the use of bird motifs in contemporary fine craft, this show demonstrates how birds inspire both shape and form, as well as, pattern and surface design.

Featuring a host of talented designer makers of jewellery, ceramics, paper and textiles, ‘Flock’ shows the versatility of bird motifs in craft making. Claire Stiles is exhibiting her brightly-coloured collection of silk screen printed anodised aluminium jewellery, alongside classic silver and gold jewellery from Natalie Jane Harris. Quirky ceramics, including a range of decorative birdhouses, are on show from Cosima Sempill – the founder of ‘Kitty & Dude’. Exquisite paper cuttings made from old maps and atlases by Claire Brewster are also on display. CK

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