Richard Herring

Christ on a Bike – The Second Coming

Glee Club

2 March 2011

Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton

5 March 2011

“Last year the show was about Hitler. This year it’s about Jesus. My target audience is clearly Pope Benedict.”

Richard Herring reprises his first solo show, only making us wait 10 years, as opposed to Mr Christ’s getting-on-for-2000-and-counting.

Though a self-confessed evangelical atheist – think Richard Dawkins with a sense of humour and balance – Herring is obsessed with Jesus. Could it be that there’s a stronger link between them than might seem to be the case?

“I’m not saying I’m Jesus … that is for other people to say.”

In the course of the show Herring tries to find the true historical Christ, combining childlike guile with rigorous historical research. He attempts to discover why the Messiah is all things to all men, unearths an error on the very first page of the New Testament, and hopes to ascertain whether Jesus ever really did walk like a lady and wear a bra.

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