Various dates

Illuminate is a series of free exhibitions around the theatre building, giving you a chance to explore and interract with winter-inspired artworks.

Inside Out

Keeley Lowe

27 November – 11 December

Using everyday objects and light, Wolverhampton-based Keeley encourages us to investigate beyond the first look. Inside Out is full of surprises and hidden worlds to delight you.

Queen Rat’s Boudoir

Sophie Hedderwick

18 December – 29 January

Inspired by the Hippodrome’s staging of Dick Whittington, the UK’s biggest pantomime, a dusty old store cupboard has been transformed into Queen Rat’s Boudoir. Hedderwick has created a fantastical throne that suggests a rat’s nest.


Sophia Clist, in collaboration with Nick Burge

7 – 16 January

In association with DanceXchange, Devon-based artist Sophia Clist has created an interactive, dynamic artwork, a screen made from hundreds of strands of elastic stretched from wall to wall. You can touch and move in and out of the elastic, and the structure will respond, vibrating and making sounds, like a giant rubber-band banjo. Shown nationally and internationally, this is the first time (re)Stretch has been to Birmingham.

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