TROVE Presents: Wang Qingsong

TROVE will be presenting an unusual and though-provoking exhibition by Chinese artist Wang Qingsong. The exhibition features two of Wang’s latest works; ‘123456 Cuts’ and ‘Ironman’, videos that subliminally display the alarming effects of China’s Social Reconstruction programme.

Wang Qingsong’s videos do not make for easy viewing. Violence and destruction are the central themes, and both videos feature seemingly unnecessary gruesome scenes. One such instance is in ‘123456 Cuts’, which shows a butcher apparently cutting up a small animal- but these actions become more disturbing when the butcher continues to savage the animal, ultimately creating a kind of pulp instead of meat. In ‘Ironman’ Wang appears himself, taking punches to the head from an anonymous body.

Wang Qingsong has worked in photography and painting, as well as video, and his work has been exhibited in collections worldwide, including the Metropolitan Museum, and the V&A in London. He has always been keen to explore the transformations taking place over China, and his provocative commentaries are a startling and impressive way of doing so.

TROVE, Newhall Square
13th November

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