Important artefacts

The treasure chest of Birmingham’s historic past ascents to a more conceptual level, in the Jewellery quarter this November, in a unique exhibition about the nature of collecting.

The exhibition ‘Important Artefacts’ will be the final event of 2010 for the ARC arts project, set in  the Vaults bar. For one night only six West Midlands artists will show work inspired by the historic past of the Vault’s listed cellars and it’s past use as a place for storing valuable objects.

The diverse works include paintings, installations, and live performances which address the  accumulation, display, and passion for collecting. Ordinary and unique objects are transformed into art by the processes, emotions and judgements of their collectors.

This is the 9th Arc project and will be curated by local artist and curator Anneka French, who has masterminded her own collection of artists and exhibits.

“In terms of the ‘collector’ role; this works in two ways. I suppose that as the curator, I have brought the works together as a sort of collection, so in a sense I am the collector. But also, each of the artists works address ideas of collecting, so they are collectors too.”

Notable works include a series of miniature paintings based on taxidermy specimens by Tutte Newall and the collection of words with personal meanings by Joanne Masding.

Jane Morrow’s ‘Lots of Important Things’ is a new commission for this exhibition and is a stand out piece made up of auction-style ‘lots’ which look at the interaction between words, images and objects.

Visitors can bring along their own collections and there will be a small publication and CD accompanying the exhibition.

The one night only exhibition will take place from 6pm until 8pm, on 24th November 2010, at The Vaults, Newhall Hill, Birmingham B1 3JH.

Words: Rebecca Checkley

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