The Daily Battle


3 – 20 November

Artists Karen Mizra and Brad Butler will be exhibiting their latest work The Daily Battle at Birmingham’s VIVID gallery this November. The Daily Battle is part of their ongoing collection of work, The Museum of non-Participation.As part of this project, the London-based artists are occupying a column in the Urdu/UK Newspaper The Daily Jang – which is translated into English as ‘The Daily Battle’. Each day, the column will feature the thoughts of different cultural writers and thinkers on the role of art in society. 100 copies of the newspaper will be delivered to VIVID, as part of an installation within the exhibition.

Mizra and Butler’s award-winning film The Exception and The Rule will also feature in the exhibition. The film was shot in Pakistan in 2009 and examines civil unrest in the country through a combination of performances to camera, observation, and public intervention.

The Daily Battle work is part of VIVID’s Language Season, which focuses on the way language is created and used in different ways across the world. These perspectives will be presented through a series of exhibitions, talks and films.

Full details on writers who will be contributing to The Daily Battle will be released on VIVID’s website.


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