Rob Deering – The Rob Deering Experience Tour

Glee Club

17 November

From £11.50

Music and comedy have always been uneasy bedfellows. For every bona fide genius like Bill Bailey, there are a few dozen more abortive, Bloodhound Gang-like blots on history.Thankfully, Rob Deering, who has been quietly impressing UK audiences with his effortless combination of mirth and music since 2001, falls into the first camp.

Whilst fellow titter-inducing troubadours like Tim Minchin and the aforementioned Mr. Bailey can be politically-minded, veering into issue-driven comedy, Deering has built his reputation on a breezy, cheeky and pleasingly uncomplicated style of comedy.

Accompanied by his Fender Strat, he’s renowned for his enthusiastic, energetic take on a range of subjects, riffing (quite literally) on everything from lads’ mags to teenage angst.

But don’t expect Deering to do all the work – he’s well known for getting his audience to join in, and it’s not unheard of for him to get people up on stage in a group air-guitar session.

The Rob Deering Experience is his first show since the schoolboy-pleasing Boobs 2008, and the first time Deering has toured the UK since 2007. Organisers say that this string of performances will be his ‘most showy-offy yet’. For a man who can flit between cheesy pop music and note-perfect Chris de Burgh mockery without blinking, that’s high promise.

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